Step 1.2.3 Assign the members of the
energy team
An energy management system relies heavily on a team approach. The team approach takes advantage of the diversity of individuals' skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organization. A team provides different perspectives on issues, distributes the work load, eases implementation, promotes wider acceptance and improves prospects for sustaining the system. Similarly, the energy team brings together relevant expertise to guide development, implementation and maintenance of the energy management system. The size, composition and responsibilities of the team will vary depending on the size and structure of the organization and scope of the energy management system. Considerations for energy management team membership include representatives from functional areas dealing with the selection, procurement, consumption, reliability, disposal and environmental impacts for fuels and energy systems. These functional areas may include:
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Design
  • Purchasing
  • Facilities management
  • Production
  • Administration
  • Environmental
Suppliers, contractors and customers may also have a role in the energy management activities of the organization and sometimes their representatives are included on the energy team. Team members are typically selected by the management representative with management input or approval.
Select team members to represent all the relevant organizational functions, but don't make the team so large as to be unproductive. Individual and team responsibilities and authorities are defined and communicated by management and the management representative. The management representative may lead the team or a separate team leader may be selected.
During the initial development of the energy management system, the team will meet frequently to make plans, schedule activities, assign responsibilities and review progress. Once the system has been developed, the team will ensure its continued operation and manage activities for continual improvement. Typical team activities can be found
. A sample energy team roster is available to help establish the energy team.