Step 2.2.2 Determine availability of data
Knowing the energy data needs is not enough. It is equally important to know where to locate and how to acquire the necessary information. The Example Types of Energy Management Data referenced in the previous section is helpful in locating and determining the required collection frequency for the different data. To accurately identify the location of energy management data, energy management personnel must evaluate the type, source and method by which the data is held or stored. Remember that energy management data needs extend beyond just energy data to include production, operations, costs associated with the various factors as well as, in some instances, financial information. The frequency of data collection depends on the organizational needs and requirements.
Data collection can be simplified by developing a process that identifies the data location, the
person(s) who collects and keeps the data (keepers), and frequency of collection. Locating and acquiring the needed energy data is typically overseen by the energy management representative who is responsible for energy planning. The Example Types of Energy Management Data can be helpful in establishing the data collection process.