Step 2.3 Determine
Significant Energy Uses
Energy use is pervasive throughout all organizations. Designating a few important energy systems, equipment, facilities, and their associated operating personnel as significant, allows an organization to focus their limited resources on improving and maintaining optimum performance in a small number of critical systems. This approach ensures the best use of an organization’s limited energy management resources.
In an energy management system, if an energy use is identified as significant it means the application will receive special attention. The items of attention associated with significant energy uses includes consideration in establishing energy objectives, targets and action plans (Step 3); ensuring the training and competence of relevant personnel (Step 5.3); planning for effective operation and maintenance (Step 5.2); and monitoring, measuring and analyzing their performance (Step 6.1). Implementing these items is resource intensive and demands that the organization develop a reliable strategy for defining significance.
Identification of significant energy uses is necessary and sufficient for an organization to achieve the most improvement in performance with the fewest available resources. Below is a step by step process for determining significant energy uses:
The energy management representative, assisted by the energy team, typically establishes and applies criteria for determining the organization’s significant energy uses. At a minimum, this involves deciding on criteria for “substantial energy consumption” and “considerable opportunity for improvement.” The method used to determine the significant energy uses is documented. Because significant energy uses must be managed through operational controls, training and monitoring and measurement, designating an energy use as significant should be conducted carefully.