Step 2.3.4 Record significant energy uses and the method used
A list of the significant energy uses and the method used to select them is an important energy management planning document. The energy team will review the significant energy uses on a regular basis, and the list may change with shifting energy, business or organizational priorities. Record the significant energy uses, the areas or operations with which they are associated, along with the affected personnel (by position title) by completing Columns 1, 2 and 5 on the SEU Control Chart. This simple spreadsheet tool can serve as the list of current significant energy uses and a place to document other information that will be needed to ensure significant energy uses are properly managed. The other information about significant energy uses (i.e. Columns 4, 6, 7 and 8 in the SEU Control Chart) will be generated in Step 5 and Step 6.
The method employed to identify the significant energy uses is recorded for reference so it is clear what criteria were used and how they were applied. The methodology may also change over time. Although secondary factors could be considered in determining the significant energy uses, the primary criteria for significance must relate to what constitutes substantial energy consumption and/or what constitutes considerable potential for energy performance improvement in the organization.
In Step 2.3.2, the energy balance was presented as a method of determining significance based on the amounts of energy consumed. In this approach, a certain threshold of energy consumption or a certain percentage of total consumption is used as a selection criterion for significance. That selection criterion and the process used to apply it to determine significance would be recorded. If the significant energy uses are determined based on considerable opportunity for improvement, then the method and criteria used to prioritize the opportunities also must be recorded.
A worksheet to help document the criteria and method used to determine significant energy uses is available.