Step 3.1 Establish energy objectives and targets
At this point in the implementation process:
  • management has bought in to the EnMS,
  • energy data collection and analysis has been completed, and
  • energy opportunities have been prioritized.
ISO 50001 requires that the organization set and document energy objectives and targets that help the organization meet their energy policy commitment related to energy performance improvement.
Energy objectives are specified outcomes or achievements that an organization sets to meet its energy policy commitment to improved energy performance. They are high-level goals that are communicated throughout the organization and are the basis for setting energy targets. Objectives provide a focus for the strategies around which energy activities are developed to achieve results.
After the energy objectives have been defined, the organization needs to define one or more targets for each objective. Targets arise from an energy objective. They define the specific and quantified energy performance requirements that need to be met in order to achieve an energy objective. There may be more than one target for each objective. The target helps to define specific activities and may apply organization-wide or only to a specific part of the organization. The target demonstrates measurable movement towards the objective and includes a defined timeframe.
Targets may be developed in conjunction with the objective or additional input may be required to identify the specific targets that will enable the organization to meet the objective(s).
Once objectives and targets have been defined, they need to be approved by management and communicated to those who can impact the objective or target.