Step 3.2 Formulate energy management action plans
After establishing the energy objectives and setting the energy targets for an ISO 50001 EnMS, the organization determines how it will achieve them. This involves reviewing the list of prioritized opportunities and selecting projects for implementation.
Once the organization has selected the energy projects to be undertaken, a project leader is designated and a team is assembled for each project. An energy management action plan is then developed for each project. A good plan considers resources and includes planning, implementing, verifying and communicating.
An energy management action plan developed to meet the requirements of an ISO 50001 EnMS defines, at a minimum:
  • the activities to be completed,
  • the resources needed to complete the activities,
  • the person or persons responsible for completing the activities, and
  • how verification of the results and improvement(s) will be done.
The designation of a project leader with overall responsibility for project implementation allows for one point of contact between management and the project team. This person drives the project team to ensure implementation is in accordance with the action plan.