Step 6 Check the System
Step 6 is the CHECK part of the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT continual improvement model of the energy management system. The system is regularly checked to ensure:
  • it is meeting the requirements of the energy management system
  • it is effectively managing energy and improving energy performance
  • the energy management system activities are being conducted according to the plan
CHECK is concerned with ensuring that appropriate monitoring and measurement activities are in place to evaluate whether the energy management system is operating in line with the energy policy and meeting planned objectives. The management system is regularly checked to determine how well it allows organizations to manage energy to meet these commitments. If policy commitments or objectives are not being met, plans are developed or modified so the organization can meet these commitments and continually improve energy performance.
Determining energy performance starts with monitoring and measuring the key characteristics associated with the organization’s energy use and consumption. Past and present data are collected and along with future estimates are analyzed to determine if the organization is meeting its current energy objectives as well as planning for future energy goals and programs. Calibration systems must be in place to ensure that accurate data is collected for reliable analysis. The organization must also determine whether applicable legal or other requirements related to its energy uses are being met.
Internal audits are conducted to evaluate both energy performance and the implementation and effectiveness of the energy management system. A preventive action program is established to avoid problems where possible. When problems do occur or the system is not proving effective, appropriate corrective actions are taken. Information from the audits, energy performance data analysis, and corrective and preventive action activities is collected for review by management to ensure the energy management system is adequate and effective. Management provides guidance through the management review for correction or improvement.
The following steps will help establish the CHECK activities for establishing and verifying energy performance: