Download the DOE eGuide Lite for use in my organization
Welcome to the start of sustainable energy management within your organization! The DOE eGuide Lite is designed to help you get started with the basics of better energy management. By implementing this guide within your organization you will begin to develop the skills and expertise needed to sustain the energy improvements you implement. It will also prepare your organization for more sophisticated energy management practices like ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance, if you choose them.
The eGuide Lite consists of a downloadable, compressed folder. Select the link on the right to download the guide package. Once this is downloaded to your computer, be sure to extract the folder contents before trying to use the eGuide Lite. It is also recommended that you keep the file and folder names and locations as they were extracted. This will ensure that the resource and document links within the guide will retain their functionality.
Once you have downloaded and extracted the eGuide Lite folder, open and read the Read Me First.doc file. This will lead you through the set up and implementation of the guide.
How to extract the eGuide Lite
Instructions on how to extract the eGuide Lite using the built in facilities of Windows can be found in the following guide.