Industrial Facilities Scorecard

The Industrial Facilities Scorecard (IF Scorecard 3.0) is designed to help operators of buildings on industrial sites find ways to reduce energy use and costs, lower emissions, boost productivity, and increase energy security of their facilities. The IF Scorecard provides a snapshot of energy used by all the buildings at a plant. Use this tool to identify potential energy-saving measures based on annual energy use, as well as costs that can be considered for further investigation.

This calculator was developed to provide a very general estimation of potential energy savings and simple payback. Any final economic decisions should be based upon the use of more extensive analytical tools.

Intended Users

This scorecard is for owners and operators of industrial facilities who want to make their buildings more energy efficient.


For the Industrial Facilities Scorecard, users will need to input the following:

  • Total annual plant electricity and fuel/steam use and annual cost for each building
  • Percentages of electricity and fuel/steam use and cost estimated to be used by building system types such as envelope, lighting, heating and cooling, and ventilation
  • Specific information about the existing four building system types.

Based on input, the Industrial Facilities Scorecard will provide estimates of potential electricity and fuel/steam savings and cost savings for appropriate energy efficiency improvements in the plant for each of the four main building system types.

Downloadable Version of IF Scorecard

This version of the tool can be downloaded and installed on a local computer to run the tool. System requirements to use the tool include:

  • OS Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft IE 7 or higher
  • 32-bit Operating system
  • .NET framework 2.0 or higher
  • Administrative privileges on the local computer
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