Energy-Efficiency Opportunity Assessment Tool for Chemical Plants and Refineries Running at Low Utilization Rates

The chemical and refining industries are primarily continuous processes that are designed and optimized for maximum production. It is well known that during times of low demand these operations become less energy efficient. Due to historically low fuel prices and the uncertainty associated with the duration of low demand periods, energy efficiency at low demand operating conditions has not been given much consideration.

With the escalation of energy prices in the last 5-10 years along with extended periods of low demand and thin profit margins, improving a plant's operating energy effiency is a successful and proven way to increase profitability and gain a competitive edge!

This tool was developed for plant owners, operators and energy managers. The tool provides basic information to help plants improve their energy efficiency in general, with a special focus on low-cost opportunities that can be realized during periods of low demand. It is a collection of BestPractices from the DOE, general industry literature, academia and industry experts. It is compiled in a format that helps direct the user to specific information related to energy-efficiency opportunities at their plant.

Downloadable Version of Energy-Efficiency Opportunity Assessment Tool