Notched V-Belts

Many studies have shown improved efficiency and life for notched V-belts when compared with standard belts.

  • A notched belt reduces slip and allows the belt to bend around sheaves with less energy loss. Reduction in motor speed and efficiency occurs when a standard V-belt slips within the groove of the sheave. Efficiency improvements have been found to range from 1% to 3%.
  • Friction between the standard V-belt and sheave generates heat within the belt, resulting in an energy loss and shortened belt life. Notched V-belts can last twice as long as standard v-belts but have shorter lives in abrasive environments where contaminants can become trapped between the belt and the sheave.
  • Notched V-belts may be used with existing V-belt pulleys but typically cost 20-30% more.

This calculator was developed to provide a very general estimation of potential energy savings and simple payback. Any final economic decisions should be based upon the use of more extensive analytical tools.

Downloadable Version of the Notched V-Belt Tool

This version of the tool can be downloaded and installed on a local computer to run the tool. System requirements to use the tool include:

  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer

Download the offline version of the Notched V-Belt Tool

Additional Resources

This tool is based off a similar tool created by the Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center. More information about the Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center can be found on the OSU Energy Efficiency Reference (EEREF) website at Similar tools to the Notched V-Belt Tool can be found on the OSU Opportunity Templates website at